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We Sell & Install the Industry’s Most Efficient & Advanced Wood & Pellet Stoves

Stoves have been used to heat homes and bring families together for decades, but they haven’t always been the most environmentally friendly or efficient choice. But things change…

As chimney and hearth professionals with decades of experience, we’ve watched the improvements and advancements in wood-burning and pellet-burning appliances closely. We’ve seen some brands come and go, while other brands continue to put out incredible products with the latest green, clean-burning technology.

Today, we’re happy to offer the very best wood and pellet stoves from Napoleon, Hampton, and Regency to our customers in Dover, Magnolia, Woodside, and the neighboring communities in Kent County, DE. These appliances really live up to the expectations of today’s homeowners and deliver years of efficient, comforting service.

wood stove

Why Choose a Wood-Burning Stove?

With all the alternative fuel options, you may be wondering what advantages there are to choosing a wood burning stove.

  • Well, for one, wood is never very difficult to find. Whether you chop and season your own wood or buy it seasoned, wood is a plentiful and renewable fuel source.
  • As a heat source, wood is tough to beat. With a wood stove, you’ll enjoy large, high-heat producing fires that provide hours upon hours of warmth.
  • The look of a real wood fire is another big selling point for wood stoves. It’s hard to beat the large and beautiful dancing flames that wood produces.

What’s there to love about today’s wood stoves?

  • They don’t need electricity to work, so you can soak up the warmth they provide, even when you lose power.
  • They rely on the latest wood-burning technology, burning hotter and more efficiently, providing more heat with each log, and producing less creosote and emissions than older models.
  • They bring timeless warmth and style together with modern, convenient features.
  • They’re available in cast iron and stainless steel models to appeal to homeowners with a variety of design tastes.

Choose from catalytic and non-catalytic stoves in all sizes and find the perfect appliance for your space.

wood pellet stove

Why Choose a Pellet-Burning Stove?

When you’re weighing your options, you may be wondering if there are really significant advantages to choosing a pellet-burning stove.

  • One reason homeowners love pellet stoves is that they run on pellets, which are made of wood waste. These compact and environmentally friendly pellets provide the heat and flame of wood, but they produce fewer emissions. For environmentally conscious homeowners, that makes pellet stoves big winners.
  • Because pellets are so compact, they’re incredibly easy to store. You can even buy them in bags of varying sizes, so if storage space is a concern, pellets make it easy.
  • Another thing that makes pellet stoves a popular choice is that they have automatic hoppers that make keeping the fire going an effortless thing.

What’s there to love about today’s pellet stoves?

  • They use a negligible amount of electricity, so you don’t have to worry about your utilities getting higher just because you’re using your stove more frequently.
  • They include self-feeding hoppers and thermostats so you can set a temperature and let the stove do the work.
  • They’re available in modern and classic designs and a variety of finishes, so no matter what look you’re after, there’s a pellet stove to fit the bill.

From Appliance Selection to Installation, ChimneyTEK of Delaware Is Here for You

If you’re shopping for a new wood stove or pellet stove, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you find a stove that meets your home heating needs and matches with the look and style of your space. Just let us know what you’re looking for. From helping you choose the perfect new appliance to installing it and getting it set up and ready for use, ChimneyTEK of Delaware is here for you.

To learn more about modern wood and pellet stoves or to schedule an appointment with one of our hearth specialists, give us a call at 302-729-6112 or use our online appointment request form. Whatever works for you, works for us!

Considering a new fireplace for your home? Check out our factory-built/prefab fireplaces and ask us for details about products and installation!

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