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Choose From the Very Best Factory-Built/Prefab Fireplaces Right Here at ChimneyTEK of Delaware

Do you dream of adding a fireplace to a room (or multiple rooms) in your home, but think it’s just a pipe dream when you consider the cost involved and the space and footing needed? Don’t give up just yet — consider installing a prefabricated or factory-built fireplace.

These fireplaces provide the look, charm, and warmth you crave, but they’re lightweight and easy to install. Forget about days or weeks of construction, worries about footing, the expense of real brick or stone, or the concerns about proper construction. With a prefab fireplace, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

prefab fireplace

Gas or Wood? Whatever Your Choice, We Have a Prefab Fireplace You’re Sure to Love

Here at ChimneyTEK of Delaware, we’re proud to offer our customers in Dover, Clayton, Smyrna, and the neighboring areas the very best gas and wood-burning fireplaces from brands like Regency, Hampton, and Napoleon. Choose from more traditional or classic models or opt for something with a modern or contemporary flair. No matter what your décor, how much or how little space you have, or how much heat you’d like your appliance to provide, we’re confident you’ll find just what you’re looking for right here.

  • Prefab fireplaces are built in factory and simply installed in your home.
  • They’re made of lighter-weight materials, so installation doesn’t require the footing that a masonry fireplace would require.
  • Because they’re not made brick by brick or stone by stone of real masonry, material and labor costs are considerably lower than they would be with a masonry addition.
  • These are built and UL-tested and -listed in factory, so you know that, as long as they’re installed properly, they’ll work just as efficiently and as safely as intended by the manufacturer.
  • With zero clearance prefab fireplaces, you can install a fireplace in just about any space in any room.

Installation Is Easy With ChimneyTEK of Delaware

Once you’ve found the perfect fireplace for your living room, master suite, guest room, or other room in your home, let the certified chimney professionals here at ChimneyTEK of Delaware take care of the rest. We’ll make sure installation and venting is done right, so you can enjoy your fireplace without worry.

To speak with a CSIA– and NFI-certified chimney and fireplace professional or to learn more about our fireplaces and our installation services, give us a call at 302-729-6112. We’re here for you six days a week and we’d be happy to help in any way we can! You can also request an appointment online right here.

Looking for a gas insert or gas log set to transform your hearth? Then you’re in luck because we sell and install the best on the market.

Request an Appointment With ChimneyTEK of Delaware Today