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Enjoy an Electric Fireplace in Your Home

At ChimneyTEK of Delaware, we help homeowners make decisions that meet their needs and budget by explaining every available option. When we meet with residents in Delaware who want to add a fireplace or make changes to an existing one, sometimes they discover that an electric fireplace is their best option. Wood-burning and gas products tend to be the most recognized, but consider these benefits of installing an electric fireplace in your home.

electric fireplace

Year-Round Enjoyment With or Without Heat

Thoughts of a roaring fireplace are associated with winter months and hunkering down to stay warm inside, but even if it’s 90° in July and you’re cranking the air conditioning, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ambiance of a fire in your living room. Many electric fireplace models have a heat or no-heat option, which means you can watch the flames dance any summer evening without being uncomfortable or running up your AC bill.

Lower Costs to Operate

Electric fireplaces run off a standard 120-volt electrical outlet. In addition to not requiring any special electrical hookups, they don’t use a significant amount of electricity, which keeps the operating costs relatively low. Another cost-saving benefit is that it doesn’t require annual maintenance once an electric fireplace is installed. All you need to do is some dusting from time to time to keep it clean.

Easy Installation Procedure

Homeowners don’t have to undergo a significant renovation project with an electric fireplace installation. Since gas inserts burn propane, they require flue and ductwork for proper venting. However, an electric fireplace doesn’t produce any gasses. Therefore, the installation process is much easier and less disruptive to the property.

Environmental Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Wood and gas fireplaces burn materials that give off smoke and carbon monoxide that end up in the atmosphere. Electric fireplaces don’t produce any pollutants or use fossil fuels to operate. This makes their use and the heat they provide a little greener than the other two alternatives.

Effortless Enjoyment of Beautiful Flames

If you’ve lived in a home with a wood-burning fireplace, you know the work that comes with enjoying a fire. There’s constant labor involved with stacking wood, carrying it inside, and loading wood boxes. Wood stored outdoors is likely filled with bugs and insects, which can end up in your home as you bring wood indoors. You won’t have to worry about any of this with an electric fireplace. Simply flip the switch and enjoy the fire immediately.

Contact Us to Discuss Electric Fireplace Options

Today’s electric fireplaces include numerous styles and design choices to add aesthetic beauty to any home. There are products to meet traditional, contemporary, and modern homes, and our team can help you find the perfect match. Contact us to learn more about electric fireplace options in Delaware.

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