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Don’t Worry About Leaks Anymore — Invest in Chimney Waterproofing

Water damage is the most common type of masonry damage we see. We’ve seen late-term leaks completely destroy masonry chimneys — top to bottom — to the point where the only possible solution is a complete chimney rebuild from the ground up. As you can imagine, a chimney rebuild can be quite costly, and it’s usually not something factored into most homeowners’ emergency funds.

Isn’t there anything you can do to protect your chimney against water so you don’t have to worry? We’re glad you asked.

water on stone bricks

What Is ChimneySaver?

Here at ChimneyTEK of Delaware, we’re proud to help our neighbors in Dover and all throughout Kent County keep their masonry chimneys beautiful and strong — no matter the weather — by waterproofing with ChimneySaver. ChimneySaver water repellent is designed to keep masonry chimneys protected against water and the damage it can do.

Once applied, the product is vapor-permeable, which is unique. The reason this is the best option for masonry chimneys is that, water vapor is produced by the fire in your fireplace. If the water repellent applied to the chimney isn’t vapor-permeable, it could trap this water vapor inside of the chimney, which could cause damage to the system (like spalling, interior damage, freeze/thaw damage, etc). ChimneySaver won’t trap water vapor in, but it will keep rain, snow, sleet, and other moisture out. The secret to this science is the size of the molecules in vapor versus liquid water.

faulty chimney with broken bricks

What Does ChimneySaver Prevent?

Unlike paints and silicone sealers, ChimneySaver water repellent penetrates into the masonry itself and is designed to prevent the following:

  • Mildew
  • Fungus
  • Mold
  • Efflorescence
  • Staining and Discoloration
  • Flaking / Spalling
  • Freeze / Thaw Damage

It’s 99.9% effective at keeping water out, and when you have the product professionally applied by the team at ChimneyTEK of Delaware, you’re guaranteed 10 years of leak and masonry water damage protection.

What else will you love about ChimneySaver?

  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • It won’t leave your chimney glossy or tinted
  • It wont leave a film on your chimney
  • It can be applied quickly and it dries quickly

Call the Chimney Experts Today

Don’t worry about leaks anymore — call on ChimneyTEK of Delaware’s team of experienced and CSIA-certified chimney professionals and ask us about waterproofing your chimney. It’s fast, affordable, and it can save you so much money and frustration. Protect your chimney and enjoy the way it enhances your home’s looks for years to come. Call us at 302-729-6112 or click here to request an appointment online.

Shopping for a new stove or chase cover? We’ve got everything you need right here and our team can take care of installation, too!

If the source of your chimney leak involves problems with the flashing, we’ll find it and fix it so you don’t have to worry.

Request an Appointment With ChimneyTEK of Delaware Today