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Crown Repairs Are Fast, Effective & Attractive With ChimneyTEK of Delaware

If left alone, chimney leaks can cause costly damage, unsightly staining, and a lot of mess and stress. Who needs it? If you’re like most homeowners, you’d rather spend your money and time on other things. We get it.

But leaks can pop up with chimneys of all ages and types, and to prevent the mess, cost, and stress they can bring, it’s important to act fast when you do have a leaky chimney. It may be the last thing you feel like dealing with, but calling on an expert can save you loads of time and money.

How so? Because of our extensive experience, we know where to look, what types of damage can occur, how to repair leaky chimneys, and what to do to prevent future leaks. One of the first places we’ll inspect when you call on our team of CSIA-certified chimney professionals is the crown.

repaired chimney crown

What Is the Crown of the Chimney & Why Does It Sometimes Leak?

The crown is a piece of concrete that comfortably rests atop the chimney stack. It serves the ever important purpose of preventing water, debris, and animals from entering your chimney. Without it, your chimney would just be open at the top, which would certainly shorten its service life and make for interesting (and dangerous) fires.

A well maintained chimney crown should last for years and provide homeowners with leak protection well after installation, but crowns can fail to do their job. Why do crowns sometimes leak?

  • They develop cracks, holes, and crumbling areas as a result of age, weather, water, and house settling.
  • They are built too thin, made of weak mortar, or they lack proper slope and drip edge.
new chimney crowns

Let’s Face It: The Crown Doesn’t Have an Easy Job

Day in and day out, the worst of the weather lands on the crown. That’s why proper construction and maintenance are so important.

  • Crown Construction —A good, long-lasting crown should be 2+ inches thick where it’s thinnest and should protrude beyond the stack of the chimney by at least a couple of inches. It should also be slightly sloped on all sides. The purpose of this design is to discourage water, snow, sleet, and ice from resting on the chimney crown or wearing through, and to encourage water to move away from the base of the chimney and the flashing where the chimney leaves the roof.
  • Crown Maintenance — The crown should be checked for damage each and every year, especially after major weather events. If damage is found, even just small hairline cracks, it’s important to make repairs. Repairing cracks and vulnerable areas while they’re still small can prevent leaks altogether and keep your crown from deteriorating further.

From Crown Repair to Rebuilds, ChimneyTEK of Delaware Is the Team to Trust

If your crown is leaking because of damage, we can help by repairing and sealing cracks and holes with CrownSeal. This elastomeric membrane prevents cracks and holes from expanding and keeps water out of the crown itself. If your crown is leaking because of poor construction, we can rebuild you a new one — one that will effectively keep water out of your chimney and away from your flashing and masonry stack for years.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment to have your chimney crown inspected, repaired, or rebuilt, simply call us at 302-729-6112. ChimneyTEK of Delaware is your local, family-owned chimney care company and our experienced and courteous chimney professionals are here for you six days a week. Call today!

What’s the best way to keep your chimney standing strong and looking great, season after season? Invest in chimney waterproofing. It really works to help stop chimney leaks!

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