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Protect Your Prefab Chimney With a Chase Cover That’s Built to Last

As chimney leak resolution and prevention experts, we know that one of the most important parts of a prefab or factory-built chimney is the chase cover. A chase cover is a metal cover that is installed at the top of the prefab chimney chase to keep water, birds, animals, and debris out of the chimney. It’s a protective component that is absolutely critical to the longevity of the chimney system, but the quality of the chase cover itself and the installation determines just how well it works to protect the prefab chimney.

Unfortunately, if your chase cover was installed by the builder or came stock with your prefab chimney, there’s a good chance your chase cover is failing or will fail to keep water out in the near future. In our experience, many installers use low-grade metal to craft chase covers — metal that isn’t strong enough or rust-resistant enough to provide true protection, year after year.

chase cover on a chimney

So How Can You Tell if Your Chase Cover Is Leaking or in Need of Replacement?

  • Look for rust streaks and stains on the chimney chase (the enclosure around your prefab chimney)
  • Look for rust or pooling water on your chase cover
  • Look for sagging areas or a sunken areas on your chase cover

If you spot any of these signs of a problem, it’s time to give a professional chimney sweep a call.

Rust streaks and staining are signs of an already present water problem, and the longer a leak goes unrepaired, the worst the end damage will be. Pooling water and sagging spots on your chase cover also signal a problem, because what will inevitably happen is that water will either rust through or become such a burden that it will cause the chase cover to collapse inward.

Keep water out of your prefab chimney by replacing your chase cover with a stronger, more durable, rust-resistant, chase cover from ChimneyTEK of Delaware.

chase cover

Stainless Steel & Copper Chase Covers — Durable, Attractive & Worth Every Penny

We sell and install quality chase covers in stainless steel or copper, the two most durable metals available. We’ll send one of or CSIA-certified chimney technicians out to your home to measure your chase, assess the damage, and let you know whether or not repairs are needed. Once we’ve measured your chimney chase and discussed your aesthetic and budget, we’ll help you decide which chase cover is best for your home, so you can give your chimney the leak protection it needs.

Contact ChimneyTEK of Delaware Today

Do you have questions about our chase covers or need to have yours inspected and replaced? We’d be happy to help. Simply call us at 302-729-6112 or reach out to us here on our website. We’re honest, family-focused, and passionate about helping our neighbors in Dover and the neighboring communities. We’ll build a chase cover that lasts and looks great — guaranteed!

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