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Comprehensive Chimney Sweeping Services From Technicians You Can Trust

As tenured chimney technicians and professionals, we understand the importance of chimney sweepings. Esteemed organizations such as the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) strongly encourage regular sweepings to ensure optimal performance for your entire system. If you are in Kent County, call 302-729-6112 to schedule an appointment with our certified and professionally trained staff. We guarantee top-notch service and satisfaction for each and every customer!

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The Importance of Annual Chimney Sweepings

Many homeowners think that, because chimneys remain dormant for the majority of the year, they do not require frequent or periodic maintenance. However, this is not the case. To operate at maximum efficiency and capacity, a chimney and fireplace must be swept at least once a year or after 1 cord of wood is burned.

Sweeps are best performed in the spring and summer, as our schedule is much more open. It is also easier and more convenient for homeowners, as it will ensure your chimney system is prepared for use during the colder seasons. We want you and your family to feel safe as you enjoy a crackling fire in the cooler months of autumn and winter.

The Most Significant Hazards Caused by Neglecting Your Chimney

Hazardous Byproducts Buildup

As fires burn, they release byproducts such as soot, creosote, carbon monoxide, and ash. When the smoke carries these up the chimney, these harmful elements often stick to the inside of the chimney system, particularly to the flue liner. The buildup of these elements is terrible for your system. Not only are they highly corrosive and restrictive, but they’re also flammable. During a sweep, we will clear your chimney of any dangerous buildup to allow smoke to freely pass through and out into the great beyond.

Smoke Backup

When the flue is restricted, smoke is unable to effectively and quickly leave the chimney and home. This creates several hazards and annoyances. Smoke enters the room and can cause a foul odor on top of the obvious irritation of a smoky living area. Additionally, flue restrictions can allow harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide to enter your home. Sweepings eliminate these issues by clearing the path for smoke to get out of your chimney.

Poor Chimney System Health

Chimneys are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Without regular maintenance, their durability decreases significantly because they become more susceptible to breakdowns and other previously mentioned hazards. Annual sweepings are arguably the easiest way to prolong the lifespan of your chimney system. They keep things clean and clear and can reveal any problems before they develop and lead to more costly repair work.

Increased Chance of Fire

All of the aforementioned hazards increase your risk of a chimney and house fire significantly. Chimney fires can often go unnoticed by homeowners, but they cause extensive damage and could spread outside the chimney. These lead to costly repairs and loss of property, all while putting your family’s safety at risk. A sweeping will significantly decrease your risk, so you and your family can enjoy the ease and perfect ambiance brought by a fire on a brisk evening.

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Schedule!

To ensure your chimney system is prepared for the upcoming colder seasons, schedule a chimney sweep today! We offer unmatched chimney sweeping services to the Dover and Kent County area, and our certified technicians can’t wait to serve you! Give us a call at 302-729-6112 or schedule an appointment online.

If your chimney is adequately swept but you are in need of an inspection, learn more about our various levels of inspections here!

Be sure your chimney and fireplace services check list includes an annual chimney inspection so you’ll find out about any issues early.

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