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Tips for Eliminating Bees in Your Chimney

Pests and critters find chimneys an attractive area to nest because of the protection they offer from the outside elements. During the warmer months, when your chimney isn’t active and bees are buzzing around looking for the perfect place to build a hive, they might settle on your chimney. While you might not visibly see their nest, bees are very active, so if you notice the continuous activity of bees around the top of your chimney, there could be a hive inside. Our team at ChimneyTEK of Delaware offers some tips to help you in this situation.


Keep Bees Out of Your Home

If you don’t see bees at the top of the chimney, the other obvious sign of a bee’s nest is if they’re entering your house through the fireplace. The first step is to stop the bees from coming into your home. Closing the damper will help. Another option is to purchase a chimney balloon at the local hardware store. Chimney balloons inflate inside the firebox to keep bees out and prevent heat from escaping your home during the winter if the fireplace isn’t in use.

bees in chimney

Get Rid of the Beehive

If you can locate and access the hive safely, killing the bee hive is essential. The best time to attack a hive with bee spray is later in the afternoon or at night. This is when bees are inactive, and most will be inside the hive, not expecting to be sprayed with pest control. Make sure you use a product labeled safe for chimneys. If you can’t safely access the hive, it’s best to call a professional exterminator.

Remove the Hive From the Chimney

After the hive has been sprayed and there’s no more bee activity, it should be removed to rid your chimney of the bee problem completely. You don’t want to give them an opportunity to rebuild. If you’re unable to reach the hive safely, our chimney professionals can help remove it for you. This also allows us to inspect the flue for any damage caused by the bees.

Prevent Future Infestations

Killing and removing beehives isn’t how homeowners want to spend their free time, so minimizing the chance of another infestation is important. Chimney screens are protective covers we can install at the top of your chimney to prevent pests and critters from entering the flue and making a home there.

Contact Us for Help Removing Bees From Your Chimney

If there are any safety concerns about handling bees or removing hives from your chimney, contact the team at ChimneyTEK of Delaware for help. We don’t remove bee hives. We can give information on how to best get the hives removed and install products to prevent unwanted pests from taking up residence inside your chimney when your fireplace isn’t being used. Contact us for an inspection.

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