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How to Properly Extinguish a Fireplace Fire

The experienced fireplace professionals at ChimneyTEK of Delaware are committed to ensuring homeowners in Delaware have access to safe and professional chimney services. In addition to the work we provide, we also offer helpful safety tips to get the most out of your fireplace. Everyone loves the glow and warmth of a fire, but not many people think about putting it out when they’re done. Any time you leave the house or go to bed, the fire should be extinguished appropriately for the safety of your family and home.


Do I Have to Extinguish the Fire Every Time?

Unless you have a potbellied stove or fireplace insert that can be completely closed up so the fire is safely contained, then yes, you do have to extinguish the fire. Whether you go to bed, run out at the last minute to pick up a child, or get something at the grocery store, a fire should never be left unattended. Even if you think you’ll only be gone for a minute and nothing could happen in that time, it’s devastating how much damage one spark can cause in just a short time.

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Steps to Properly Extinguish a Fire

There are a few different methods to extinguish a fire properly. Some are designed to put out the fire as quickly as possible, while others set you up to relight another fire the very next day. Fires need a fuel source, heat, and oxygen to burn, so eliminating at least one is essential.

  • Target the Fuel Source – When you’re ready to extinguish the fire, you can start by depriving the fuel source. Use a shovel and poker to spread the burning wood and ashes across the fireplace floor. In a single layer, it won’t have as much fuel power to continue burning.
  • Cut Off the Oxygen – Scoop up some ash with a shovel and lay it on top of the fuel source. This will suffocate the fire and won’t allow oxygen to reach the flames and embers.
  • Keep Sand Nearby – If you don’t have enough ash (especially if you’ve recently cleaned the fireplace), use sand instead. If you burn a lot of fires, it’s a good idea to have sand handy. Baking soda is another option and is similar to the material found in fire extinguishers.
  • Don’t Use Water – Never use water to extinguish a fire in your fireplace. It will create too much smoke and steam, which could force embers and gasses into your home.
  • Bank Your Fire – If you want to preserve some of your fuel source, you can push the embers and wood into a pile and cover it with a blanket of ash. Ash will insulate them to stay warm but won’t be a fire hazard.

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