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What’s the Lifespan of a Factory Built Fireplace?

Traditionally, any home built with a fireplace included the standard masonry process of a firebox and chimney constructed of brick and mortar with interior tiles to form a liner. Today, most homes are constructed using factory-built fireplaces, which is a more cost-effective method than the traditional way, even though they don’t last forever and must be replaced after several decades. If your factory-built fireplace is around 20 or 30 years old, it’s time to start thinking about a replacement.


How Are Factory-Built Units Different Than Masonry Fireplaces?

Masonry-built fireplaces are permanent structures that the rest of the home is built around and are only removed for chimney renovations or if the house is torn down. Factory-built units are prefabricated in a factory using a steel frame and vent. The entire piece is delivered to the home and installed much faster than building a fireplace with bricks and mortar. In addition to being more economical, they are safer and more environmentally friendly. Modern factory-built fireplaces aren’t designed to create whole-home heat because houses are now equipped with furnaces and other heat sources, but they are designed perfectly for moderate heat and ambiance.


Signs You Need to Replace a Factory-Built Fireplace

With proper maintenance, a factory-built fireplace should provide years and years of reliable service. There isn’t an exact expiration date on these products, but even with meticulous maintenance and regular chimney sweeping, a factory-built unit must be replaced at some point. Common reasons for replacement include:

  • Age – Any factory-built fireplace 20-30 years old should be replaced. It’s better to be proactive rather than wait for a complication.
  • Discontinued Parts – If your unit is outdated, it can be hard to source parts that might need replacement. In this instance, you’ll have to replace the entire product.
  • Severe Damage – Weather-related damage, such as significant rain or flooding, can cause damage beyond repair, so replacement is necessary.

Enjoy the Benefits of a New Factory-Built Fireplace

Replacing a factory-built fireplace might sound overwhelming and disruptive, but today’s products are much easier to install than the previous factory fireplaces built decades ago. The quality of new models is much better than what was installed back then and is guaranteed to meet the latest safety and performance standards. Plus, with new limited warranties, your parts are protected from defects over a period of time. Contact us today to learn more about factory-built fireplaces.

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