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Professional Repairs for Cracked Chimney Flue Tiles

Your home’s chimney is responsible for providing a safe and efficient route to funnel dangerous gasses out of the home created when generating heat. Whether you have a fireplace, a wood stove, or a furnace, each is attached to a chimney. ChimneyTEK of Delaware offers detailed services, including cracked chimney flue tile repair to ensure smoke and carbon monoxide are contained and vented properly for your safety.

eroding chimney

What Are Chimney Flue Tiles?

The long, narrow portion of a chimney is lined with tiles that are sealed to provide a reliable exhaust system for various heating sources. Modern chimney construction includes stainless steel liners to help protect the interior. However, many chimneys still rely on the original flue tiles as a chimney liner made from clay or ceramic material to keep smoke contained in the flue until it exits at the top.

Benefits of Repairing Cracked Tiles in Your Chimney Flue

Having an adequately sealed chimney liner is imperative to safety. If cracks are present in the tiles, it creates a danger to the health of the chimney and your family. Contacting our team for repairs if you suspect your flue has cracked tiles has many benefits, including:

  • Preventing Gas Leaks – Cracks in flue tiles can allow carbon monoxide to enter your home, leading to hazardous health conditions.
  • Minimizing Chimney Fires – Creosote and soot can escape through cracks and build up outside the liner. Chimney cleanings can’t reach those areas, leaving the potential for that creosote to linger and catch fire outside the flue.
  • Keeping the Chimney Clear – Parts of tiles that break off can create blockages inside the chimney, preventing smoke from venting correctly.

Reasons Your Flue Tiles Might Be Cracked

Well-constructed chimneys using quality materials should provide years of reliable service, but every chimney is subject to potential problems. Learning what causes cracks in the flue can help homeowners understand why they might be facing an issue. Cracked tiles are often caused by:

  • Uneven Heating – Heat causes the material to expand, while cold results in contraction. Uneven heat distribution within the chimney leads to uneven expansion, resulting in cracks, buckling, or splitting. This is often seen with clay tiles because they don’t absorb heat as quickly as other materials.
  • Traumatic Events – Uneven heating is usually a gradual problem that develops over time, but sudden events like a chimney fire or lightning strike can cause immediate damage to flue tiles.
  • Corrosion – Corrosive materials and moisture can cause the tiles to delaminate, weakening their makeup. Burning clean wood and fixing issues where moisture can enter the chimney are essential to avoid this.

Trusted Partners for Cracked Chimney Tile Repair

Cracked chimney tiles are a repairable issue, and we offer services to improve your chimney’s interior liner for better performance. Stainless steel liners come with a lifetime warranty and usually never need to be replaced. Choosing this option means avoiding dealing with cracked tiles in the future, and you can also be confident it will be the only liner your chimney will need. Contact us to schedule a chimney inspection.

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