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We’re Here to Keep Dover’s Dryer Vents Cleaner, Safer & More Efficient

Here at ChimneyTEK of Delaware, we’re all about fire safety and making sure our customers enjoy safer, cleaner, more convenient and efficient homes. That’s why our services and specialties extend beyond the hearth and into the laundry room.

Your clothes dryer is an appliance that makes modern life more convenient, but it can also be a fire and safety hazard if it’s not properly vented and maintained. The problem is, lint can build up inside of the vent over time, and can seriously reduce the safety and efficiency of the clothes dryer, causing a host of problems.

dryer vent

What Types of Problems?

  • Wasted Time – Without the airflow needed to efficiently dry the laundry, the clothes dryer will have to run hotter and longer to get the job done. That means more dry cycles and more time waiting. You’ve got other things to do!
  • Wasted Energy – More dry cycles means more energy used for each load of laundry. Why pay more for your utilities than you have to?
  • Increased Fire Risk – With longer dry times, hotter temperatures, and lint-restricted vents, the chance of a dryer fire greatly increases. Your clothes dryer should make life easier, not more dangerous.
  • Increased Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Without a clear passageway for air to move into and away from your clothes dryer, your clothes dryer may experience incomplete combustion, and the resulting carbon monoxide could end up in your home. This deadly gas is impossible to detect with your senses, so you could be inhaling carbon monoxide without knowing what is causing your sickness.
  • Shortened Appliance Service Life – When your dryer has to work harder and longer, day in and day out, its serviceable life will be greatly shortened. Hey, clothes dryers aren’t cheap. Wouldn’t you rather protect the one you have and not have to worry about purchasing a new one any sooner than you have to?
brush cleaning dryer vent

How Can You Tell if Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning?

One simple way to find out if your dryer vent is due for a cleaning is to walk outside to the outside termination while the dryer is running. If you can’t feel air coming out of the termination cap or there seems to be an awful lot of lint around it, it’s time to schedule a cleaning.

What are some other tell-tale signs?

If you’ve noticed longer dry times, hotter temperatures, funny smells, or excessive lint around your clothes dryer, these are signs that your clothes dryer is working harder than it should and that your venting is blocked. It’s time to call ChimneyTEK of Delaware.

Our team of CSIA-certified venting specialists can clean your dryer vents, removing all the lint and buildup, so your dryer can breathe easy. We use powerful HEPA vacuums to make sure everything is clean and clear, and that your home is lint-free when we’re finished.

Contact Us for Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

To learn more about our dryer vent cleaning services or to schedule an appointment to have your dryer vents inspected and cleaned, call us at 302-729-6112 or reach out to us here through our online appointment request form. We’re here to help and we provide honest, reliable service to Dover and the surrounding communities six days a week.

Learn more about the ChimneyTEK of Delaware team and why our customers in Dover can trust us to do the job right on our About page!

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